Michio Kaku: "Η αιώνια ζωή δεν παραβιάζει τους νόμους της φυσικής"

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Μια συναρπαστική συνέντευξη που παραχώρησε ο διάσημος θεωρητικός φυσικός Michio Kaku στο Spiegel Online. Ε, με συγχωρείς, βαρέθηκα τη φερεγγυότητα του Κύριου Κουβέλη και της ΔΗΜΑΡ (Δεν Ήμαστε Αριστερά). Μπούχτησα ρε παιδί μου. Πως το λένε! Δεν αντέχω άλλη αξιοπιστία! Σώστε με από την αξιοπιστία! Παραθέτω ένα μικρό απόσπασμα παρακάτω.

SPIEGEL: Will we eventually be able to conquer death?
Kaku: Eternal life does not violate the laws of physics, surprisingly enough. After all, we only die because of one word: "error." The longer we live, the more errors there are that are made by our bodies when they read our genes. That means cells get sluggish. The body doesn't function as well as it could, which is why the skin ages. Then organs eventually fail, so that's why we die.
SPIEGEL: What can we do about that?
Kaku: We know the genes that correct these things. So if we use genetic repair mechanisms, we might be able to repair cells so they don't wear out, so they just keep on going. That is as real possibility. We will also be able to regenerate organs by growing new ones. That can already be done now.
SPIEGEL: Then we will get rid of death?
Kaku: In principle, yes.

Ολόκληρο το κείμενο θα το βρεις εδώ. Καλή ανάγνωση! 


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